Vietnam Motorbike Tours & FAQs

There comes the commonly asked questions by riders before making reservation for motorbike tours in Vietnam. Let’s check and find yours too.

Is it possible to combine accommodation in the tour package?

Our Vietnam Motorbike Tour team could help you to arrange hotels in Hanoi, located in convenient places in Old Quarter. Additionally, if you prefer picking-up service, just inform us in advance and you will be picked up from airport. Normally, the rate range of hotel room is from 30$-80$, depending on your budget. But generally, those hotels are selected carefully to bring the most comfort to all tourists.

Can we bring along our luggage on the motorbike trip or we have to leave it at hotel?

Unfortunately, to ensure the safety of tourists and comply the Vietnamese traffic laws, we are restricted on the load of things to carry on the bike. It should be neatly packed, preferably in 1 bag, which is medium-sized. For the rest, if your luggage is over-sized, just send it to the hotel bell store or Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia shop.

How to ensure safety in Vietnamese traffic?

To many tourists, traffic in Vietnam is disorganized and screw up, especially in rush hours, which terrifies all the foreigner. Being fully aware of this problem, the experienced team of Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia  always ride along with the foreign motorcyclists to ensure they know the way and speed is under control. We always choose the easy-riding roads or less crowded ones to get out of city. In case you are freaked out by Hanoi traffic, we can take the cab to the suburban areas.

From then, the countryside roads or highways are easier, as well as not full-cramped. However, it is strictly compulsory for all the motorbikers to follow the instructions and riding guides in Vietnam to make sure you can enjoy your Vietnam motorbike trips. It is indispensable to ride calmly and unhurriedly to get immerse in the beauty of natural landscape in Vietnam.

In case of accident, how should the motorbike tour take responsibility and take steps to solve it?

If the accident is not serious, just call for the support of Dzung Victor or contact to Vietnam Motorbike Tour office in Hanoi. They could approach and tackle the problems. You should not automatically or reflexively call the police because sometimes, the procedure lasts longer than it should be and our motorbike trip in Vietnam could be delayed.

In case we are not supposed to be there on time and the parties blames you on the accident, don’t freak out. Try to let them know with the support of guiding experts who should be faulted. Normally, with a little money, it could be quickly be solved. However, when it comes to a severe conflicts, we need polices to intervene.

With the serious injuries, we will transfer you to nearest hospital. If you have travel insurance, as well as you buy the insurance-included motorbike tour package, they will take duty to pay you the hospital fees, depending on the types of insurance.

Do you bring everything on the bike, or can we leave some of my heavy luggage at your shop?

We are not providing saddle bags when you book motorcycle tour in Vietnam.  The best way is that we will strap a medium size bag ( waterproof one ) or rucksack onto the bike’s back rack. You can store any other luggage safely at your hotel store or at our shop.

What type of clothing should I bring?

Please note that Vietnam is a developing country and size selection and/or quality products are real issues. Local products are cheap but almost just one size for all or the quality is poor. Here are some suggestions of riding gears that you may need to bring when you travel Vietnam by motorbike.

– Clothing: helmet, rain gloves, Wellington boots (rubber boots for rainy season from April to September), summer gloves, balaclava, t-shirt, socks & underwear, long sleeved shirt, turtle-neck shirt, extra jeans, light jacket, leather chaps, zip-lock bags, riding boots, bandanna, sunglasses and goggles.

– Personal items: basic toiletries, emergency cash, sunscreen and earplugs.

– Emergency items: first aid kit, emergency contact number, list medical conditions, list medications, flash light, chargers and duct tape.

– Miscellaneous: small towel, bath towel, trash bags, bungee cords, camera and cargo net.

Could I join a large group if I travel alone?

It is possible that we could group some individual tourists into a crew, in case they feel all comfortable with each other. To ensure that there will be a vacancy for you and whether it is suitable or not, contact directly to our Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia staffs.

How long/ many km do we ride per day?

It is common question as in most cases we will start from morning ( between 08:00 am to 09:00 ) to the late afternoon but on average during our motorbike tours in Vietnam, we will not riding more than 210 km per day. We try to get on the road early to make the most of the day and we enjoy lengthy stops throughout the day. On longer motorbike tours we can accommodate a rest day from the saddle. Our motorbikes all have extra padding in the seats. Expect at least five hours driving time per day.

Which season should I come to North Vietnam?

The North of Vietnam is 4 seasons distinctively. Hence, approaching that area in every season bring you different experiences and natural landscapes. Just choose the right time to your schedule to Vietnam.

How long could we ride each day?

One special thing of motorbike tours Vietnam is its flexible. As riding in a team, we should follow the itinerary to ensure that we could reach destinations on time. However, for its flexibility, the time is stretched depending on the physical conditions of motorbikers. Roughly 150-240km/day and about 5-10 riding hours. The ride could be longer when you ride along Ho Chi Minh Trail.  Click here for Vietnam Motorbike Tours Ho Chi Minh Trail.

What is the average length of a motorcycle journey?

We tailor varied range of motorcycle tours Vietnam for bikers to get on well with their demand and their tight schedules. So you could choose for the short 1-day Hanoi motorbike tour countryside to the grand long 16-day tour roaming Vietnam( Riding along Vietnam’s coast or from North to south Vietnam ). Normally, they tend to choose the 7-10 day itinerary to maximize their experiences. Let take a look at featured Vietnam motorbike tours at below link

Where will the tours be kicked off?

Normally, all Vietnam motorbike tours will be started off at about 8-9 am from the shop. We will come and pick you up at hotels and then transfer to the gathering place in the suburban of Hanoi ( 7 km away from your hotel ), where you could get on bike and hit the road.

Could we pay on arrival?

Indeed, no, you should deposit a fixed amount of money in advance. It will drop into 30% of the grand total rate. We need to collect money prior to the trip to secure your reservation and arrange everything perfectly.

When is the best time to come and ride in the north of Vietnam?

There is NO BEST TIME TO RIDE in the north Vietnam. There are four distinct seasons, each with its own unique, a, amazing  advantages. Summer time from April to October, Winter from November to March. Hottest/wettest months are June and August, coldest month is February. Expect the possibility of rain from April to August, while winter months are normally dry except when a winter storm and monsoon settles in.

How many types of payment?

The paying method is extensively varied. You could come to our office or inform us our location so we could collect money at your place. If you pay by credit card, you are required to pay the banking fee of 3,5% for visa and Mastercard holders. Deposit is made via a secured online link of We ask that you transfer to our bank account a deposit and then final balance (cash is very vital in Vietnam) before the commencement of a ride. Unfortunately, PayPal applies very bad conditions to Vietnamese account holders and we don’t like their conditions. More terms and conditions here!

Do we have to spend money on the way? And how much is proper?

Other kinds of expenses are dependent on each travelers. Normally, you should bring money for snacks, drinks, souvenirs, sim card and telephone calls on motorcycle tours from North to South Vietnam. We expect it would be fluctuate from 150-300$ more (about 6 million VND)

Where could I find your office?

Before the tour, there will be a meeting-up day, where we gather all the travelers to briefly inform about the trip. It could include the itinerary, the training sessions on how to ride motorbike safely, some norms and rules in Vietnam, especially in mountainous area. In conclusion, they are all about things relating to motorcycle trip Vietnam. Below is shop address:


Does Vietnam accept the international driving license?

Actually, you are not supposed to have international driving license to hire our bikers.

Vietnamese laws require riders of all motor vehicles above 50cc to have a full Vietnamese driving license (under 175cc is A1 and from 175cc is A2, 50cc or under needs road rules test certificate).

The question of having or not a motorbiking driving license mainly concerns your personal medical insurance. If you don’t have a Vietnamese driving license, you can’t purchase any local insurance policy for you. Luckily, you can buy one from companies like Allianz, CHI or World Nomads etc. They only request your country driving license.

In fact, driver license is not a problem in Vietnam. Formally, no foreign license is fully valid in Vietnam, including international driving licenses, even they were officially translated (at Vietnamese Embassies or in Vietnam). On the other hand, if you are working in Vietnam under contract for at least 6 months you could easily get a local driving license. Traffic police generally don’t stop Westerners in Vietnam to check licenses simply because they don’t speak good English or feel confident to deal with it. In addition, in the same time they can deal with many other Vietnamese people. Mui Ne in Southern Vietnam have been the only exception where they started checking licenses.

Informally, many recent international driving licenses which include Vietnam in the country list are accepted by the traffic police on the road. The Vietnamese government is working on accepting international driving license from (possibly October) 2015 but unfortunately there is no final confirmation from the Ministry of Transport. Laws in Vietnam need sometimes to be enforced through a complicated system of decrees and letters.

Where could I find international license?

You could easily find it in your residential country, specifically, in the motorbike-licensing center (eg. The AA in UK or the NRMA in Australia). What you have to bring are just your current national license, passport photo and license-making fee.

I overheard that the weather could be really cold in winter. Should I bring fully-covered footwear or just the light one?

As you have known, the weather in Vietnam is fairly harsh, especially in the winter, so strong and thick footwear is encouraged to prepare. On top of that, with few trekking in motorbike tours mountainous area through forests and jungles, fully-covered help your feet invulnerable of being stung or bitten by insects. It also helps to lighten the load of pressure on your bottom parts of body.

What could I fill in the name and address of my contact in Vietnam in visa application form?

You are not necessarily forced to fill in that blank space. You could write your address of hotels in Hanoi, if needed. To save money and time, try our pre-approved visa letter service (you pay from 65$US in total for a 30-day tourist visal).

Should I have a travel insurance in Vietnam?

Apparently, you should equip yourself with insurance for the trip, just in case something wrong happens. Otherwise, we could support you to buy one from Gras Savove Willis Vietnam ( – a French insurance broker or BaoViet– the largest national insurance company. However, the problem is that they will not cover any accidents relating to motorbike tour if you don’t get a Vietnamese driving license. The documents you need to obtain a Vietnamese license includes: 3 month business visa, your country motorbike driving license, work permit or sponsor. All papers need to be translated into Vietnamese at a notary office and it takes 7-10 days to have a converted license.

Nevertheless, apart from roughly 5 hours on motorbike, your 19 hours rest are still secured and insured with travel insurance. Therefore, they are still in valid with insurance policies.

The last company that you should contact for all types of insurance is or please goto provider is World Nomads ( website: ). They have two different levels of coverage; the more extreme policy covers anything from mountaineering to motorcycling to base jumping — they literally have all your bases covered.

They also cover the insurance for motorcycle tours in Vietnam.

Should you need further assistance and can not find your question here, feel free to contact me and I am very happy to assist you.