E-Bikes Vietnam for Hire

Bike touring in Vietnam is now even more accessible with the introduction of Pedal-assist E-Bikes on JET Travel & tours in Vietnam.

E-bikes are revolutionizing the world of cycling and JET Travel Adventures is the first cycle tour operator in Vietnam to have them as an option.

They have rapidly changed the face of bike touring throughout Indochina and for good reason. E-bikes help everybody, regardless of capability or strength, to effortlessly expand their cycle touring possibilities throughout Indochina.


You can now discover the breathtaking scenery of North Vietnam by bike or cycle through Vietnam rolling highland tea plantations and still have the energy to enjoy the views and stops along the way.

Trek Conduit+ – A lightweight and stylish bike, perfect for cycle touring

Mid-drive system for natural balance

Hydraulic disc brakes for all-day reliability

We have strategically chosen to provide ‘Pedal-Assist’ bikes on our tours, which are not to be mistaken with an Electric Scooter. You pedal as you would any regular bike and an electric motor amplifies your pedal stroke, with the degree of amplification set by you using the onboard computer. You start, stop and steer the bike exactly as you would any regular bicycle; no accelerator, speedometer, indicators, exhaust pipe or in fact anything that would have you mistake it for a motorbike.

Our Pedal-assist bikes use the Shimano Steps system

Is it cheating? The short answer is no. This is a boost to enhance your experience. You still enjoy pedalling, stop pedalling and the bike will roll to a halt as it would any regular bike. So you are still getting out-and-active cycling along with everyone else, but the e-bike’s assist helps you to further experience the joy of exploring the world on two wheels.

JET Travel Adventures are the first (and currently only) to offer e-bikes as a tour option in Southeast Asia. Simple and a joy to ride the Trek Conduit+ pedal-assist bikes we use enhance bike touring possibilities for people of all ages and abilities.

All our e-bikes are of the highest quality, fitted with dependable all-weather hydraulic disc brakes and are as lovingly maintained as our regular bike fleet.

E-bike upgrade availability is limited, after making your online booking our support team will follow-up requesting your bicycle preference (E-bike or regular).

Cycle Tours with E-Bikes

We offer pedal assist bikes as an optional extra on the following tours. Bikes can be reserved on a first-come-first-served basis so make sure to book yours now!

Upcoming more new E Bikes