Food and Fruits
We genuinely believe that when traveling by bike, you have unique access to local cuisine and we intend to introduce you to it.
Almost all of the meals on our trips are taken at clean and friendly local restaurants and cafes. Local specialties are integral to our tours, as they are unique to the region you visit. Of course, there would be no adventure without the occasional challenge; in remote areas, food can be simple but it’s always plentiful!
We’re famous for healthy foods; our fresh tropical fruits and vegetables are world-renowned. Our tour guides will buy fresh fruits daily for your enjoyment. At Vietnam Bike Tours, we know it’s great to rest from cycling with a fresh banana, apple, watermelon, pomelo, or mango.
With over 3200km of coastline from North to South, Vietnam also has a reputation for fresh seafood. Criss-cross rivers supply lots of fresh water fish, prawn, and other seafood. We’re also the second largest rice exporter in the world.
Meals can accommodate those with special dietary requirements. Please let us know if you have specific dietary restrictions or allergies so that we may prepare accordingly

Rest Stops
Worried that we might go too fast or too far on your bike tour? Don’t be. We want to make your experience a comfortable, memorable one. You’ll stop for plenty of rest en-route.
Usually, we stop between every 10 to 20 kilometers, or about an hour’s time on the bike. We know how important it is that you regain your energy and recover from the ride. We’ll do our best to ensure that rest stops are clean and comfortable. We’ll also provide cool water, soft drinks, snacks, and fresh fruits.
Rest stop locations vary. Generally, we’ll gather at a local café or establishment. In more rural areas, the support vehicle or hammocks are nice alternatives.
Toilets are not always available during rural rest stops. We recommend that you come prepared with some toilet paper (just in case)!